17.00 - 18.30 Workshop

“Appreciative Inquiry and professional development”

You are invited to join our session on Appreciative Inquiry for the Global City Eindhoven Event. Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful approach for organizations, communities and individuals to create their future by focusing on strengths and successes, using the abundance present and bringing that foreward. In this session we will take you on a journey of discovery to find the strengths and successes in the past that helped you with employing your professional skills when living abroad. Come and experience the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry and develop your professional identity in the global community of Eindhoven.

Maximum of 25 participants.

Cost: 10€

BY Els de Bakker

Marielle Obels

17.30 - 19.00 Workshop

“Eindhoven, the Networking City”

Silicon V​alley, which is the ultimate role model for many cities including Eindhoven, thrives because of its networking circuits​. ​Things get done and evolve because of informal networking groups and events.

This n​etworking w​orkshop will give you a view on your​ own and very personal networking style.

Networking varies depending on culture and experience. We need to accept that we sometimes make small mistakes while networking and continuously work on it.

F​ocus points during the workshop will include an​ informal discussion about different networking styles in different countries, useful information about networking in Holland and more specifically in Eindhoven​,  and the importance of active networking especially ​for a global citizen who has to adapt quickly.​

Maximum of 25 participants.
Cost: 10€

BY Mariëlle Obels

ToR (264)-3

19.00 - 20.30 Workshop

“Every innovation starts with a drawing”

Drawing starts with your personal experiences, stored in your own memories. Touch them and you will find openings into a world unknown before and which creates opportunities for designing new things. In this short workshop you are invited to explore your unique relationship with the city of Eindhoven. Undoubtedly this relationship is coloured by your global movement. This movement is the starting point of the workshop.

In 7 small, very quick and intuitive sketches you draw one of your daily trips or routines through the City or within your house. One of the sketches are used to make a design for the old place you know by heart, where you feel home, or even better: “native”. This makes a unique design, influenced by your own experiences and images preserved from your personal travels.


Learn a new way of triggering ideas by visual thinking with a pen – drawing. Maximum of 25 participants.
Costs: 10€

BY Hélène M.T. Aarts and Alcuin Olthof